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TER ID: 230717






This was my second time seeing Nicky. I texted her to get the ball rolling and we spoke to set up a time. She gave the address to her incall and I showed up to see the same beautiful girl from a few months earlier. Non VIPs I would definitely repeat, VIP read on




Saw her ads on eros and ter and she looked great and reviews were good so went for it. first contact via e-mail and then 2 calls for location. got to the room and met by beautiful woman who invited me in. warm, interesting, sexy, the definition of non-clock watcher. absolutely great experience and highly recommended





Setting time with her is difficult because she screen pretty heavily and doesn't see you without a number of questions, even then she was skeptical of meeting me despite my 17 or so reviews. Once we did meet though, it was a great time as others have described and I am looking forward to the next time.





We arrange for her to meet at the hotel a day after we made contact
She was much better looking in person than her pic I was very pleased with her looks, she is a gem know exactly what she is doing ,
Petite , smooth all over , silky skin
Tan, I'm French and she was very
Friendly , even though my English is not perfect




I've been trying to connect with Nicky for a few months but it never worked out. I tried again on a Saturday but it again didn't work out (all of these failures were my fault for lack of planning). I called her again the next day as we discussed on Saturday but she didn't answer. I was in my car and it was raining extremely hard when she called back a few minutes later. Because of the rain and traffic I didn't answer and almost decided not to call back since I had already passed her exit. The rain and traffic finally let up a bit and I decided to call her back. Best decision I've made in a long time. For you non-VIPs who can't read the rest, do not hesitate to call her. She is phenomenal.





Called Nicky for a lunch time appointment and set a time. She called back a bit later saying that she was pressed for time and asked if we could reschedule. I called before leaving work and we connected 30 minutes later. She is the girl in the pics and met me at the door in a sexy teddy and stockings. As a long-time hobbyist, I enthusiastically recommend her. It was at top 5 experience. VIPers read on...





Contacted Nicky and setup a time as she looked so good, and she is much more attractive than her pics, and more so she is the most pleasant TS. Very nice person and overall great time! If you enjoy a TS Nicky is one to see.





When saw that she was visiting -went to TER to check her out - Liked what I saw on TER so emailed her for an appointment next day around 1pm-she emailed back with tel. # and told me to call next day an hour before - so did that and she gave me name of motel and called from parking lot-Was hoping for an hour but needed to leave after a half hour because of unexpected matter that required my attention - Nicky was okay with that and so we proceeded.





So after several attempts at reaching Nicky, from NJ to NY to Boston, I finally connected.  Boys, one of the most erotic experiences of my life.





 Setting the date was easy via email. I called from the parking lot, got the room number and soon knocked on the door. It opened to a lovely dark haired beauty, wearing





Great time with her, she obviously really cares about how you feel and what makes you happy. Great in conversation and in physicality. Non-vips: I'd really say you should go.





I was in DC for work and had an itch that needed to be scratched. Saw that Nicky was in town and decided to call. Standard 2 call system, she picked up both times. Before I knew it I was at the door gazing at this sexy vixen!





I met Nicky last week for what was an amazing, mind-blowing session. I was looking to experience something special and unique and certainly got more than I bargained for.





Second time to visit with her. Very rare for me but she is Hot and worth every penny! Stayed in easy to find safe area no games on the phone.





I saw Nicky's ad after being stood up by another provider. I called and she answered and we set up a time. Her hotel was very nice and safe. When she met me at the door, she looked just like the pictures. She gave me a hug and kiss and we started to chat. We had a great time. I am glad the other provider fell through. Great experience. I would definitely return.





I caught up to Nicky in Atlanta. She looks like her pics. She is as advertised. I found her to be up for everything and a really great time.. I would repeat. ...





I have lusted over Nicky's picture for some time now. Nicky has great reviews and it is easy to see why. Luckily it was convenient for her to be in Manhattan for me where I could easily adjust my schedule. I was pleased to meet someone that was honest and was truthful about their pictures for a change.Non VIP very beautiful,and I highly recommend smart, sexy,exotic,passionate.





 Called her up and she answered. Very nice to talk to on the phone. She does verify but if you are a member of TER or date-check, etc. it is very easy and painless. Arrive at upscale hotel and called at which time she wasn't quite ready and needed a few more minutes, more my fault for being there a little early. Called me back with the room number and away I went. She meet me at the door in a nice teddy with a big hug and kiss. We sat down and had a great conversation which turned into heavy petting and deep french kissing. Guys she is one of a kind. Intelligent, beautiful, passionate and I would definitely recommend her and plan on seeing her the next time she is in the Atlanta area.





I saw Nicky's pictures on Eros.com and almost didn't believe a tranny could look so good. I called her up and she answered immediately with a sweet feminine voice. I asked her to confirm the pictures were really her and she said absolutely. I had to see for myself so I set an appointment for later that day. We met promptly at 1pm. I was pleasantly surprised when Nicky answered the door in some sexy lingerie. She looked great and smelled great.Her appearance and her place were very well kept and her attitude was warm welcoming and comfortable. The room was very clean and well maintained, the mood was set with candles, and the stage was set for romance. I identify as straight, and Nicky is by far better looking and sexier then Nine out of ten biological females I have been with. She made me feel very at ease as we exchanged pleasantries. Not only is she gorgeous but she is an intellectual as well. ............ She exudes class, style and grace. She does not smoke or smell of smoke. She is very clean and absolutely delicious.





Decided to check Nicky out based on her reviews, pics were nice but probably would not have made a date without the reviews. She was surprisingly articulate and well educated. She held a good conversation and made me feel very comfortable with her. Not at all your typical escort, she actually made me believe she enjoyed being with me! How refreshing!! She put an effort into getting ready for me as she was dressed very sexy. She greeted me with a hug and a kiss and then see just blew me away.....ps Highly reccomend seeing her, you will have no regrets.






I have been a erotic review member for about 10 years. In that time I have only reviewed one other girl who was a great provider. Nicky will be my second review because she was even better than my other provider.

I am a ts admirer and have been for a while. My sister is a transgendered woman [not a provider] so I know what I am talking about when it comes to finding a really good girl. Nicky was by far the best I have ever been with and I hated to leave. I think that if it was up to her I could have stayed as long as I wanted to. I am a older guy and besides good sex I also enjoy good conversation with a pleasant and intellegent girl. Nicky was the most pleasant and smartest girl that I have been with. She has a masters degree and I believe when she is done being a escort that she has a good future ahead of her at whatever she chooses to do with her life. I truely believe that she would make a wonderful wife for a younger guy that appriciates transgendered women. She is very pretty and has beautiful eyes and a very nice natural figure. She is also a very sexy looking girl and takes a great interest in you and what you have to say.

Now to get to the best part which is the great sex that we had together.





Saw Nicky's ad on Eros and decided to call and check her availability. She answered the call and said to call back a little later to confirm the time to meet. A few hours later, she called back and indicated that she was still interested in meeting. She gave me the information on where she was and I was on my way. Got to the location and called to get specific room info but she said to give her a few more minutes to finish her preparation. Okay... a few minutes later..... the adventure begins.





Nicky is a dream come true. I came in feeling cold and dreary like the December weather, but I left with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. Highly recommended. VIPs read on...





Called her up on saturday and we talked on the phone for a little while. shes super cool and she really tries to get to know you a little bit. I could tell she enjoys what she does. It was very easy to setup a time, she was staying at a small place by the water in jersey. non vips check her out





Called Nicky very late after landing in Atlanta, almost midnight. She picked up right away. Sounded sweet on the phone, almost peppy, very feminine. She game me directions to her hotel but not the number until I pulled in. Called once I got there and she guided me around the back to her room. She answered the door in almost full view as I was getting out of the car... and she looked HOT! Red panties, black lacy shall thing and black corset. Beautiful body, great attitude, top notch. VIPs read on... Non VIP's, I would definitely repeat!





Easy call system. she answers and you get the room number when you arrive. somewhat manly voice. don't understand where some of these reviews came from, as she is much more masculine than her pics and the reviews suggest. would not repeat


JA JA JA!!!!!! "Oh Dear Alex !!" I am confident enough to not let stupid comments and or people like this affect me. I know I am: Effortlessly Sexy, Hot & in-DEMAND.  

I know you still wanted me, why did you stay? I didn't force you.


As you know, Caviar is not for everyone!!. I am an acquired taste but for those who enjoy my flavor; you will have an incredible experience. I am not a bait and switch gurl. I am who i am and there are plenty who LOVE ME. .





I've been with several T- girls before, she is the best by far. Very down to earth, clean , honest, no presure. Lets put it to you this way, if I had a lot of money I would see her every week and she would be the only girl I would ever visit again. She is outstanding!!!! She loves to kiss and makes you feel welcome and relaxed, shoe does not watch the clock or take calls when your there, she is amazing, there is not much esle to say. Give her a call!!!!!






Nicky is totally incredible. She is incredibly beautiful, classy, intelligent and sweet. Nothing was rushed, she was incredibly easy to talk to. A true g/f experience. Nothing was awkward, the conversation and play followed naturally. I would strongly reccomend her to anyone. She is top shelf in every way.





When I saw Nicky's pics I thought they were TGTBT, but I called her based on her reviews. Set up a lunchtime appointment at her downtown hotel with only 30 minutes notice, had a little trouble finding it but got there only 10-15 minutes late, she was cool about it. Walked in and was pleasantly surprised that she looked hot! Non-VIPS- shes definitely worth it!





So, I decided to strike another item from my bucket list. I had an enjoyable time, and if you know what you're getting, you might have an enjoyable time as well.





Nicky fulfilled my every fantasy. It was my first time.She is gentle, slow, never rushes. Her tongue is amazing!





 I saw Nicky's ad and read her reviews. Choosing to see her was a no brainer! I called and she wouldn't be ready until later as she was switching hotels which was fine with me! We talked for a bit on the phone and she was super friendly and had a very nice phone demeanor. I was excited for our session because she seemed so friendly. When the time came, it was the standard 2 call system for location. I got there and went up. Nicky answered the door wearing a black lace teddy, black g-string, black stockings, a black bra, and impossibly high heels! SHe is smoking hot! I came in and we started right away with some light kissing. VIPs read on, others-I would repeat with his red hot t-girl!






She picks up (has a sexy voice) and it was very easy to schedule a session at same day. Two call system, I waited 5 minutes on a parking lot and she texted me the room number.

She is amazing and looks even better than on photos. Tight body, great lips, perfect ass. Plus she is a sweetheart and has great personality.

Nicky is safe provider, there was no rush at all and it felt more like a date than service. I enjoyed being with her and will remember that experience for sure.






Met on Eros made me feel very comfortable right away. Felt like I knew her for 5yrs.She is beautiful and has an awesome personality. Did not rush at all or try to upsell which was nice. Felt like I was with my girlfriend. This is one you don't want to miss if she is in your town go see her you will not regret it There are so many rip offs and unsafe providers out there that don't even look like their pics don't waste your time. Nicky will be the transsexual experience you dreamed about. I could tell she definitely loves her job.I will see her again for sure!!






Let me tell you guys, this girl is amazing . I just saw her today. After 5 minutes I felt like I had know her 5 years. She makes you feel very comfortable . She is so sexy, and has such a tight little body and a perfect ass. There are no local girls that can match her charm, and raw sexuality . I will see her again and again.





My first TV. She is hot but it is different cuz of the voice. Buts regardless she is nice and knows how to please





What can I say about Nicky kallas. Her pics are 100 percent her and she's even hotter in person. She is very warm and welcoming when she greets you at the door. I chose to stay the night with her and it was worth every dollar spent. If you have the chance fellas I highly recommend her she's one in a million





Absolutely awesome chick, had a great first time experience. Would see her again very soon. Unbelievably sexy and flirtatious and made me feel like I was her man. Total GFE, very passionate. I already miss her tail!!!





Saw Nicki's ad On Eros and liked the slender look, smoldering looks. Also has a great smile which I saw a lot during our time. The Hotel wasn't the best (though it was fine), and the room was a little lived in, but overall it was a great experience. She was dressed in lacey bustier, stockings, and heels, and looked really hot. She closed the door behind me after I entered and I tasted her tongue for the first time, it only got better. The room was a little dark, but she left a light on, and she walked me over to the mirror. IT was incredibly erotic...




Several calls,then when she opened the door she gave me a very hot long, wet kiss. I knew it was going to be great as she was outfitted in a sexy teddy, stocking and high heels. VIPS I say she is my ATF






Been seeing Nikki's ad around for a while, and today I decided to give her a call. Very easy to set up an appointment, stayed in contact so I remained confident that she wouldn't flake out after I drove all the way there like so many providers do. I got the room number and walked up to the door. She opened the door and she put her pictures to shame. Amazing body, amazing personality, and amazing service. I will repeat and you shouldn't miss this one! VIP's read on..





Nicky is very friendly and makes you feel at home. She has a great attitude and can be trusted not to put you in a bad position.

She is very sexy, great personality, smooth hot body and loves to kiss. She is a must see! Totally HOT!


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    michael (Saturday, 05 April 2014 09:50)


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    Shahar (Monday, 07 April 2014 17:48)

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Come to Tel-Aviv!!

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    Jersey Whlae (Friday, 18 April 2014 11:30)

    Nicky is incredibly sexy and passionate sexy legs gorgeous face and perfect and will treat you like royalty

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    Kram (Tuesday, 05 August 2014 22:16)

    Been with about a dozen t-girls and this one wins by a landslide. Have been with some of the most incredible looking girls with the biggest photo sets and the most promises who were rude, couldn't perform and gave shitty service. This ones different. Great attitude, attentiveness, gfe , the whole nine yards. Tight athletic build, clean, super talented.Out of the twelve I've visited, would visit only three again...she's at the top of the list. The rest were a waste of money. Will drop whatever I'm doing and go visit the next time she's in my area. Take my advise, you won't regret it.

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    Nabil (Saturday, 01 November 2014 23:35)

    Come back to Doha, Qatar. We miss you!!!