"To be irreplaceable one must always be different"









What is your favorite "Position?"



Can you send me more pics via text for confirmation? Or any special pictures just for me?

Unfortunately, I do not send any photos out for privacy reasons. Please do not ask me to send any pictures of any kind. It is a strict rule and I never make exceptions.



What are your favorite cities?

As an independent escort, I love traveling to exotic locations, but I must say that New York City (NYC) and Tokyo are my favorite. Both New York and Japan are so rich in culture. Nothing turns me on more then fabulous cultured people, theatre and good food. Being an exotic VIP companion has its perks.


Do you have any rules of etiquette?

Yes,  I have a few like anyone, I expect to be treated with respect at all times and remember you only have one chance to make a good impression. You should exhibit your professionalism and courteous manners, do not swear, discuss money or sex acts. IF YOU INSIST ON DOING THESE THINGS I WILL HANG UP OR SIMPLY IGNORE YOUR E-MAIL!  You can tell me about yourself and whether your interested in a VIP INDEPENDENT HIGH CLASS COMPANION without getting into details. Do not talk about sexual activity. It could be considered a solicitation for prostitution which is illegal. Donations are for modeling-companionship, time only. I'll understand what your expecting (TRUST ME). With the information I provide on this site and with my reviews on TER you can develop a very clear idea of what an appointment with me entails.


My well being is my utmost priority so please do not ask, expect or try anything that can be deemed unsafe or unhealthy.  I'm down for anything as some reviewers mentioned? Cmon dont be ridiculous everything in life with boundaries . Please do not come to me while under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances during our time together. Do not attempt to discuss our meeting with innuendo or talk in code words.


Are you an independent provider?

Absolutely, I am completely independent. I prefer to be in control of my time, and it is solely my decision who I spend my time with. Although , I select my friends carefully and my time is valuable. I am not for everyone who desires to meet with me. People who meet with me, are people who enjoy exclusive company.


Can you be available in the same minute I call?

No, I prefer at least 45 to an hour notice. The more notice you give me, the better I can accommodate you and the more enjoyable our encounter will be. I am not a Chinese worker in a nail salon catering to meet anyone and everyone so I don't do a visit after another after another. My availability is limited.


I can not afford you. Do you offer discounts?

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. I am world class companion catering to world class clients. If you feel you do not fit this category, there are plenty of other independent gurls who would be happy to meet with you.


Are your rates negotiable?

My rates are not negotiable . Please do not attempt to negotiate my rates, those conversations never last much longer. However from time -to-time I do change my rates but again it is solely my business decision.

Please do-not call me negotiating or barter trading ( I am not a sweater in a Marshalls clearance rack).


What "type" of men do I choose to see?

You should be friendly, well -mannered and presentable. I enjoy it when someone is fresh and clean. My biggest turn-off is bad breath or food in between your teeth. All the gentleman I meet with , consider themselves to be confident and  are successful in their occupation, whatever it may be. Remember, first impressions are the most lasting!!


What is it that you most enjoy about your work?

It gives me the opportunity to be independent. I enjoy getting to know new people and creating close friendships. I also like to discuss and listen to different opinions and ideas. It pleases me to know that my company and my time can make other people happy and make them center of my attention. I love to travel and to be exposed to other cultures. I truly am very fortunate for these opportunities.


What do you enjoy doing most?

I love to travel, dance, visit my family, dine in fine restaurants such as NOBU, shop, chew bubble gum and blow bubbles.


What bothers you the most?

I am very active and creative person and I am always creating new projects. As my time is very valuable, people who try to waste my time bother me.


What is your philosophy?

Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. Do harm to no one. Give everything you do your best effort and always be positive and that is the key to a successful life.


What do you dislike in the world?

What I do not like is the perpetual fighting in the world between religions and the poverty in less developed nations.


What do you like most about yourself?

That I am fabulous, intelligent and sweet.


What do you consider to be your best physical features?

My Triple DDD's LOL RIGHT!!!- My eyes, my glance  and my smile!!


Do I have any tattoos or piercing?

No, not my style. Although I feel some artwork looks amazing;I personally don't like it on myself. However, it looks beautiful on some people.  I am afraid that I will love it and then hate it. 


What kind of intimate atmosphere do you prefer?



What can be expected when we meet?

I won't say too much about my physical appearance as you can see I have many images on my site. So if I seem like the physical type you would enjoy to spend with then that's what you can expect as far as physical beauty. Beyond that, what you can expect to experience is a person of exceptional warmth, extremely giving and  sincere passion. I am normally enthusiastic, but for someone who can appreciate that my goal is to give you an experience you won't forget, and even more so for those friends I have already connected with and enjoyed.